“First generation was focused around *nix like OS. Then second generation was mostly focused around web 1.0/2.0 and third generation is  focused around Web 3.0  and cloud space.”

Plexicloud is a fast growing Open Source cloud hosting solution provider, providing managed/unmanaged cloud infrastructure, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management System (CMS) solutions to SMB and corporate customers worldwide. The company has developed numerous technologies, and developed internal systems that have allowed constant annual cost reductions which have helped lower cost service to the end user and increase ROI.  We have talked about this with Sudhi Seshachala – Co-founder & CTO of Plexicloud

In your opinion  Open source can support mission-critical applications?

Sure – Today majority of enterprise applications including critical financial transactions on Nasdaq, Dow Jones, EBay, Amazon, Google etc., adopt and leverage Open source applications, stack, code in one way or the other. 

Linux Foundation, Apache Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, Open Source Matters  and other groups are working closely with industry experts and other commercial companies to make sure there is streamlined standard, process and compliance with all the leading regulation consortiums from financial industry regulations to health industry regulations such as HIPPA, HL7. I has been already proven beyond reasonable doubt that open source products and solutions are secure, scalable and comply with enterprise standards. It is just a matter of getting the required certifications for open source products and solutons to satify the enterprise/government compliance. Open source will thrieve disrupt market dynamics moving forward.

I think – Open source is here to stay and will just make things around us such as accessibility to key information and tools for decision making much better.

What do you think about the development in the world of Open source software?

In my opinion – we are in the third generation or 3.0 version of open source software development. First generation was focused around unix like OS. Then second generation was mostly focused around web 1.0 and third generation is  focused around Web and cloud space. We leverage and implement OS products and solutions to the fullest. Majority of our products and solutions are based on open source products. We of course develop functionalities on top of existing OS stack and enable the access through a open standards based Multi vendor cloud bus.

Caution: People think since Open source means free – they can play with anything. In reality – open source licensing terms needs to be addressed correctly and not mis-interpret  legal terms and conditions such as GPL 2.0 , LGPL licensing terms etc.,

What do you think about "OS business model"?Is  the consulting the future ?

OS business model focuses mainly in branding, customizing, enterprise readiness, solution services and Licensing compliance. All these will only increase due to ease of use of OS products – Enterprise companies are more aware and even contributing actively towards OS. For example, Google, HP, IBM etc., have contributed back to OS community and leveraging much more from the developer contribution world wide. System integrators always need help in implementing and hooking up these complex disparate system together. 

Can you explain the  features of Flexcollab?

Released under “FlexCollab”- we have branded it as PlexiSuite. A Collaboration suite comprising open source CMS Joomla, social networking and CRM,  PlexiSuite is PaaS product. We have 4 products – PlexiWeb, PlexiPeople, PlexiMedia and PlexiScale verticalized for various segments such as Startups, small and medium sized companies and enterprises with attractive features and price points. More information visit –http://plexicloud.com/products

All our products are compaitble with any cloud infrastructure such as Plexicloud, Ec2, rackspace etc., Plexicloud IaaS – we offer cloud hosting services at affordable costs 

The future is in the Cloud?

Is here to stay – but there needs to be more improvements in areas such as

1.       Service Level Agreements(SLA),

2.       Hosting standpoint (both traditional and cloud hosting)

3.       Security, Privacy, Data owner

4.        Enterprise readiness, compliance etc.,

5.       Price standpoint and features.

6.       Clearly differentiating a  Private and Enterprise cloud.

From your point of view what is the future of IT?

IT as a service on cloud – 3.0. More and more people will move from traditional in house hosting to cloud Infrastrucure. So future IT apps should be interoperable with each other.

What is you next project?

We are already building some exciting apps for the cloud on PlexiSuite platform such as

  • Rewards and Royalty program with a social networking twist,
  • Media intensive apps – Enabling 1990s style media for web 3.0 and beyond – Cloud style.
  • Enterprise class applications with native support for Mysql Master slave config for open source products.
  • Support  Oracle and Sqlserver for major open source products.
  • ….


Sudhi Seshachala – An Engineer by interest, Manager by compulsion, and an Opensource enthusiast for pure dope of freedom and infinite creative independence it offers.

Co-founder. CTO & Solutions Expert for Hooduku and Plexicloud – a premier provider for cloud hosting products, services and solutions. Plexicloud is a joint venture between Hooduku and Lunafield Media Global.

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