CeBIT 2017 will present everything businesses need in order to make the transition from paper-based to digital office processes. The technologies on show range from software for managing vacation requests and billing to systems for securely archiving emails and storing mission-critical documents. Going paperless is an area where SMEs in particular have a lot of catching up to do. And it can be a complex, challenging job, so expert advice is a must. The digital office solutions on show at CeBIT 2017 will be clustered in Hall 3.

Hannover. CeBIT 2017, which runs from 20 to 24 March in Hannover, Germany, is totally geared towards helping companies achieve digitalization across all functions – from HR, finance, purchasing and sales and marketing to logistics and R&D.

The digital office aspect of this transformation is the stuff of Hall 3, home to the show’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Input/Output Management Solutions showcase. Investing in digital office technology really pays off – as any company that has already made the transition will confirm. In Germany, for example, 74 percent of companies surveyed as part of a “Digital Office Index” study by the IT industry association BITKOM reported that implementing new digital office software had improved the performance of their internal office and administrative processes. The benefits also flow through to customers, with 63 percent of respondents confirming that their newly optimized processes had resulted in a marked increase in customer satisfaction. What’s more, 51 percent said the change had also improved their data security.

As part of its ECM involvement in Hall 3 at CeBIT 2017, BITKOM is organizing a “Digital Office Area” where manufacturers, providers and advisors will present offerings from all areas of digital office technology.  The scope of the showcase is extensive, encompassing everything from the latest tools for mobile collaboration and communication to solutions for process automation and cloud-based archiving to advanced systems for scanning and printing documents.

Visitors to the Digital Office Area will be able to witness real-life user examples and draw valuable parallels for their own organizations. And those who wish to delve more deeply into the subject will be able to do just that at the “Digital Office Stage” expert forum where, throughout CeBIT (20–24 March), experts will explore the opportunities and challenges associated with digitalizing office processes.

CeBIT – Global Event for Digital Business

CeBIT is the world’s foremost event on the wave of digitalization revolutionizing every aspect of business, government and society. Every year, the show features a lineup of around 3,000 exhibitors and attracts some 200,000 visitors to its home base in Hannover, Germany. The spotlight is on all the latest advances in fields such as artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, virtual and augmented reality, humanoid robots and drones.  Thanks to a rich array of application scenarios, CeBIT makes digitalization tangible in the truest sense of the word. “d!conomy – no limits,” the chosen lead theme for 2017, underscores the show’s emphasis on revealing the wealth of opportunities arising from the digital transformation. As a multifaceted exhibition/conference/networking event, CeBIT is a perennial must for everyone involved in the digital economy. The startup scene is also right at home at CeBIT and its dedicated SCALE 11 showcase, which sports more than 400 aspiring young enterprises. The next CeBIT will be staged from 20 to 24 March 2017, with Japan as its official Partner Country. For further information, visit

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