MYHIXEL, a new technology designed for male sexual well-being


Through the use of a monitored exercise program, MYHIXEL helps men control ejaculation and prolong their sexual stamina in a natural way.

The volunteers who participated in the latest research combined the exercise program with the MYHIXEL I device and managed to triple the duration of their sexual intercourse.

Today, the company is seeking support from users on Kickstarter, the biggest crowdfunding platform worldwide.


 MYHIXEL is a startup company in Seville that has developed a scientifically proven method that improves the quality of men’s sex lives through ejaculatory control. This pioneering method is based on scientific research carried out by the Miguel Hernández University and the Sexology Institute ISM.


MYHIXEL, which is available on Kickstarter, combines the MYHIXEL Play app (Android and iOS compatible) which guides the user through muscle activities and exercises with the MYHIXEL I device. Users have the option to perform these exercises either individually or in couple. This climax control technique has been tested on more than 500 male volunteers.



Premature ejaculation affects 31% of men from 18 to 59 years old. Although it is the most common male sexual dysfunction, according to research from the National Health and Social Life Survey (LNHES), a large percentage of men do not go to the doctor because they feel ashamed or because they falsely believe that there is no adequate treatment.


In addition, for some men, maintaining an active sex life can be very difficult. Tiredness as well as stress and worries have a negative influence on their sexual capacities. Many men are concerned about their performance in bed and this ends up quenching their desire completely. MYHIXEL wants to break this taboo by providing a natural and playful method that improves the quality of men’s sex lives.


MYHIXEL’s team of sex therapists have dedicated four years to investigation and have developed a brand new methodology to control ejaculation.

This climax control technique has been tested on over more than 500 men. In the latest clinical trial in 2018, 56 subjects performed the training program combined with the specific MYHIXEL I device and managed to almost triple the duration of their sexual performance.


“MYHIXEL is the most revolutionary method destined to care for men’s sexual well-being. To improve sexual relations, this method combines a unique stimulation device with a specific activities program via the MYHIXEL Play app” says Patricia López, MYHIXEL’s CEO. “MYHIXEL is a scientifically proven method that teaches men how to control ejaculation, helping them prolong the duration of their sexual relations in a natural way, with no need for pills or numbing creams”

How does MYHIXEL work?


MYHIXEL TR combines the MYHIXEL I stimulation device with the personalised exercise program via MYHIXEL Play app, which can be performed alone or accompanied by a partner.

Each activity is clearly explained in a didactic and playful way through explanatory videos and challenges.

Exercises are performed using the MYHIXEL I stimulation device. Thanks to its shape and the materials used to manufacture the device, MYHIXEL I offers the most realistic sensation of penetration. Furthermore, MYHIXEL I heats up to body temperature and provides a therapeutic vibration mode that helps optimise MYHIXEL TR’s exercises.

To track progress and monitor achievements, the user enters the results they obtained during every phase of the program into their profile on the MYHIXEL Play app.

In addition, users have access to a professional consultancy service if they wish.


MYHIXEL on Kickstarter


MYHIXEL is currently looking for support on Kickstarter by offering a 35%  discount on the MYHIXEL TR as well as free shipping costs. In the future, the company plans to offer new product lines and 100% customised programs.



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